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This is an extra themed call for Innovation Project applications in Danish Sound Innovation Network.
The application deadline for the call is: September 30, 2017 11:59:59 (AM)

Theme: Sound Solutions for Healthcare
All applications must address the description of this topic:

Research and development of innovative solutions using Sound and ICT technologies for health, demographic change, and wellbeing in collaboration with domain experts. The aim is to keep people active and independent for longer time and support the development of new, safer and more effective interventions. Focus could be on, but is not limited to: Early risk detection and intervention to ensure active and healthy ageing; Advanced systems and services for integrated care; Patient empowerment and self-management of health and diseases.

In more popular terms Sound Solutions for Healthcare can be split up into four verticals:

  • Supporting people with hearing loss
  • Listening to signals of the body
  • Sound and music interventions
  • Reducing undesired & damaging noise


Who can apply?
An innovation project involves at least two private companies and one but preferably two of Danish Sound’s Consortium Partners. Public organizations can participate, and in general we encourage projects that include all relevant partners. One of the Consortium Partners is the formal Project Manager in relation to the Network Management. The Consortium Partners of Danish Sound are:

  • Technical University of Denmark
  • Aalborg University
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Aarhus University
  • DELTA (GTS Institute)

Who can receive funding?
Danish Sound’s funding for Innovation Projects is only available for Consortium Partners. The funding can only be used for person-hours spend on the project and 20 % co-financing by the Consortium Partners is required.

An additional requirement is co-financing from private companies in terms of 600 DKK per man-hour spent on the project and/or cash support, travel expenses and expenses related to use of equipment or facilities. The co-financing should at least match the amount allocated to Consortium Partners.

Danish Sound reimburses the university partners in the consortium with 600 DKK/hour (incl. overhead) and the GTS partner in the consortium with 1352 DKK/hour (incl. overhead).


Application guidelines
The application must use the special SoundCARE Innovation Project Application Form. Download it

Applications should be sent by email to info@danishsound.org in pdf (or word) format before the deadline. Mark the email with the application SoundCARE. Appendixes will not be taken into consideration in the evaluation of the application.

A lean procedure is adopted to ensure minimum administration and the application form is the only requirement; however, the Network Management may contact you in order to clarify content or suggest changes.

Innovation Projects under this special call are intended to enable consortium partners and participating companies to e.g.:

  • Prepare application processes (e.g. workshops, consortium development, concept writing)
  • Conduct feasibility studies
  • Concrete application writing

The projects should be conducted at a pre- or non-competitive level to allow participation of more private partners. Participants should also be prepared to accept that parts of the project results are going to be disseminated through the network. Danish Sound can provide standard contracts to ensure proper regulation of IPR.

If granted, the project will be conducted in accordance with the guideline for Project Managers which can be downloaded via http://danishsound.org/article/innovation-projects-overview

Special Evaluation criteria
Danish Sound Innovation Network encourages broad projects (preferably with more than the minimum three participants of which two are private companies and one is a consortium partner). 

Innovation height: the project’s possibility to foster innovation by synergizing three factors of innovation, viz. novelty, clear application & demand, and realizability.

Impact:  A clear exit strategy (i.e. relevant identified Horizon2020 call) should be evident from the application as well as the research and/or commercial and/or societal potential. Find relevant Grant Search for 2016-2017 calls here

Feasibility: Is the project feasible with the suggested partners, roles, methods, materials/equipment, and time plan.

Dissemination: The project should include min. 1 dissemination activity (e.g. workshop/seminar/talk) in Denmark or abroad. This activity must be branded “SoundCARE (something)” and coordinated in collaboration with Danish Sound Innovation’s Network Management.


  • Projects with a total consortium partner funding in the range 81.000-162.000 DKK will be preferred to longer projects.
  • Projects that have a clear link to relevant societal challenges will be preferred.
  • Unusual partnerships which e.g. includes partners from a broader value chain (university research, tech companies, content providers, design, marketing, etc.) that focuses on scalable and global solutions will be preferred (other criteria assessed to be equally fulfilled).
  • Projects that lead to further project funding and investments are preferred.
  • Partnerships that lead to internationalization (e.g. by including a foreign country private company) activities of participating consortium partner and/or private companies are encouraged.

If there are any questions feel free to contact the Network Management by email info@danishsound.org or phone +45 45253411.